Machinist Neil Savage is trapped inside a book, imprisoned there ever since the GameMaster used Savage’s own invention against him. At Imagine Escape Games in Tampa, Florida, you and your team can help him escape by finding your own way out of a series of escape rooms. In these rooms, you race to solve a series of puzzles that open up secret areas and hidden clues in order to accomplish the mission of the room.

Mike and Hayley Linquist started Imagine Escape Games so they could help others live out the thrill of getting completely immersed in a story world.

My successes. 

Imagine Escape Games has two escape rooms and is in the process of building a third. Customers use the rooms for team building, family bonding, corporate events, and more.

They have a five star rating on Trip Advisor, where one review said “. . . it’s going to be a long time before we find another escape room experience that can compete at Imagine’s caliber.

How SCORE helped. 

The Linquists knew how to design and build escape rooms, but didn’t know how to create and sustain a small business. They met with their mentor, Wally Opolade, once a month for the first sixth months of their business launch. They say Opolade has been “key to our success” because of his consistency and advice in navigating difficult situations.  

The Lindquists say “Many small business owners aren't exposed to SCORE, but if you have the blessing of stumbling upon them don't make the mistake of consulting them later, consult them ASAP.”

What's great about my mentor? 

Wally Opolade has been key to our success. We know how to build escape games, but had no clue how to successfully start and run a business. He helped us from the drawing board stages until now and continues to guide us when we need it. He is always so consistent in getting back with us and that was so important in a couple of tricky situations where we needed his advice.

Imagine Escape Games