WASHINGTON, April 20, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today, SCORE, a national nonprofit dedicated to mentoring small business owners, announced new survey data that shows SCORE client satisfaction is at an all-time high of 84%, with mentors helping clients to create nearly 55,000 small businesses in FY15. This data was gathered from 15,375 SCORE clients who responded to an online and phone questionnaire from October through December 2015.

The survey data shows that SCORE mentoring is creating a major positive impact for clients' small businesses.

  • SCORE clients started 53,377 new businesses in FY15. In doing so, they created 45,542 full-time jobs (an increase of 10,528 from FY14), 19,583 part-time jobs and 31,424 independent contractor jobs.
  • 72% of SCORE clients noted a growth in their business revenue, for an average overall growth of $59,454, or 26.7%.
  • Overall, 89% of SCORE clients are still successfully running their small businesses, while 94% of clients who were already in business stayed in business.

In total, SCORE helped 124,546 clients in FY15, an increase of 2,491 over FY14. These results are thanks to SCORE's 10,000 mentors, who devoted 2.2 million volunteer hours to serving small business clients nationwide.

"Our commitment to serving our small business communities and helping create client success are core values of SCORE. Each of our volunteers gives freely of their time and expertise to make a positive difference in the life of every client," said Steve Records, Vice President of Field Operations at SCORE. "These results validate the work our volunteers do each day and demonstrate the value SCORE brings to all of the small business clients we serve."