Whether you are just starting out or well on your way with an established company, every small business owner is always in need of tools or other resources that can help them become more efficient, make smarter business decisions, and market more effectively to their target audiences.

While all of the free resources listed below may not be specifically for you, the majority are designed to help all types of small business owners increase their knowledge and skills in all areas, including sales and marketing, while maximizing resources, improving productivity and enhancing service. 

Business Operations Resources
From keeping your financial statements to handling your marketing strategy, these resources have you covered:

  • Brand 24 is a tool that helps you keep track of what's going online with your brand from people that mention you to social media accounts that are interacting with your brand, shaping your marketing strategy.
  • Tools for Entrepreneurs is a YouTube channel that was created by Google for Entrepreneurs and General Assembly to provide online seminars directed at skills enhancements, business basics, technology and marketing.
  • Hubspot has an extensive online library of videos and content designed to cover all aspects of a business, especially those associated with marketing, social media, public relations and sales. The content includes e-books, white papers, templates, guides and more.
  • Desk.com is a tool for interacting and growing with your customer. Desk is one of the most popular customer service tools on the market for business owners.
  • Google Books and The Gutenberg Project are two online sources that offer extensive libraries of free books that cover a wide range of topics that can help provide everything from the basics like marketing and sales to more technical information on every aspect of business.
  • Small Business Trends is one of the most popular online publications available that serves as a daily guide for content around business trends and issues that impact small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Due Payments helps startups and business owners get paid online. They allow you to invoice clients and get paid instantly with tracking and advanced payment features.
  • Small Business America is an online publication managed by The Huffington Post that provides a wide range of content for small business owners to help them develop strategy, mange their daily operations, and build their businesses.
  • Inc. Magazine has extensive online content that covers everything that a small business owner would need to know, including numerous articles on marketing trends, challenges, and opportunities.
  • More Business offers an online library of business and marketing plan samples, contract examples, tax assistance and more.
  • The Self-Employed is an online site that covers everything from startups to fully operational small businesses, addressing issues related to funding, insurance, technology, compliance and more. It also includes issues, trends, and tools related to marketing and sales.
  • Biz Info Library is an online compendium of articles that help you at every stage in your  business make better decisions, market to the most appropriate audience for your business segment, and operate more efficiently.
  • SCORE is a non-profit that offers free business counseling and advice to small business owners. They also offer a wide range of content through their website and e-newsletters.