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Sponsorship Program Levels

  • Silver - $250
  • Gold - $500
  • Platinum - $1,000

Sponsorship at Values greater than $1,000 can be customized

Silver Sponsor Benefits

  • Provide Link and short business description of Business and products/services on the Tampa Bay SCORE webpage
  • Ability to provide your promotional materials at a sponsored event
  • Provide certificate of sponsorship suitable for hanging or posting
  • Tax benefit for 501C-3 sponsorship
  • Local press release on your sponsorship – local papers including Business Journal

Gold Sponsor Benefits

  • All Silver benefits plus
  • Include your Name and short description of your Business and products/services in all Event, Workshop, Counseling handouts
  • Include your LOGO in SCORE newsletter
  • Sponsorship Display Table reserved solely for your use at large sponsored Client event (SCORE teaches/mentors)
  • Your personal presentation to the SCORE Mentors at one of our monthly meetings

Platinum Sponsor Benefits                   (limited exclusivity)

  • All Gold benefits plus
  • Include your LOGO on SCORE marketing pieces
  • Allow you to present 4 Programs – “Your Event – powered by SCORE”

          - Business Roundtable or Customized Workshop at your location or ours

  • Exclusive sponsorship in your Business category (CPA, Office Max) in large sponsored Client event (SCORE teaches/mentors)
  • Constant Contact – 6  times per year to over 1,200 clients
  • SCORE sponsored event – includes lunch

                                                2010 Recap

Major Events:
- SCORE/American Express - 200 businesses registered for an all day seminar and face-to-face counseling
- SCORE/HP - 70 businesses registered for an all day seminar, where SCORE participated in a Business Show
- MPI Conference - SCORE presented workshops on Business Plan Development and Internet Marketing, and provided Face-to-Face counseling, to over 500 businesses in the Meeting Planning industry

Three hour workshops with SCORE volunteers teaching with attendance:


          Social Media Marketing          36

          Business Plan                          51

          Going Into Business                93

          Sales and Marketing                10
          Various online workshops      166 people took these online workshops

 Total 356 attendees for 2010

Chamber of Commerce Activities:
- Brandon Chamber of Commerce - SCORE participated in the annual Business Show at the Florida State Fairgrounds and served as judges in the annual Business of the Year competition
- New Tampa Chamber of Commerce - SCORE presented to Chamber members at a monthly meeting
- Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce - SCORE participated in their annual Business Fair

University of Tampa Entrepreneur Conference

- SCORE presented Business Plan Development to more than 100 entrepreneurs from across the US at UT's weekend symposium

Face-to-Face counseling sessions (including 2011 Jan.)

- FY YTD (Sept-Jan) Face-to-face 813 hrs / Telephone 112.75 hrs

- January 2011           Face-to-face 141 hrs / Telephone 12.75 hrs


Constant Contact 

 - Monthly / bi-monthly newsletter – approximately 1,200 members


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